Top 10 Party Hairstyles of 2010

1. Ashley Greene’s Pinned-Back Waves

WHAT IT IS Below-the-shoulder hair that’s parted in the middle, curled and clipped behind the ear on one side.
TAKE-HOME TIP This is the perfect solution when leaving your hair down feels too boring, but putting it up sounds like a hassle. Don’t have any fancy barrettes? Criss-crossed bobby pins that match your hair color work seamlessly.

2. Carrie Underwood’s New Flip

WHAT IT IS A shoulder-length bob that’s styled to perfection. An angled side part and a volumized crown create that curvy shape; piecey, curled-under ends add playful movement.
TAKE-HOME TIP Don’t have bangs but want to try them for a night? Parting your hair low and on the side—just like Carrie Underwood did here—can have a similar effect. (A blast of hot air will coax stubborn strands to fall a new way.)

3. Kristen Bell’s Loose Curls

WHAT IT IS A soft pile of loose, wide curls piled on one shoulder.
TAKE-HOME TIP Kristen Bell’s hairstylist Craig Gangi worked a dollop of mousse into the star’s damp hair before blowing it dry and setting in hot rollers. “The curls will stay coiled longer and the hair around the scalp won’t fall flat,” he says.

4. Taylor Swift’s Sleek & Straight

WHAT IT IS Pin-straight hair parted on the side.
TAKE-HOME TIP Hairspray isn’t just for achieving great heights. Taylor Swift’s stylist Jemma Muradian mists freshly flat-ironed strands with hairspray to tame flyaways and prevent future frizz-ups.

5. Jennifer Lopez’s Brushed-Out Waves

WHAT IT IS Subtle, bendy waves with a dry, matte finish.
TAKE-HOME TIP Set freshly dried hair in 2-inch velcro rollers, let cool and remove. Then brush, brush, brush with a natural-bristle comb. Douse roots with dry shampoo or baby powder to tone down shine. What to wear? Matte hair is perfect paired with shiny, metallic fabrics.

6. Dianna Agron’s Romantic Half-Updo

WHAT IT IS Long spirals with hair at the forehead pinned-up in a bump.
TAKE-HOME TIP The volume on top keeps the style from feeling childish, so be sure to get it right: Spritz the roots of the section you’re pinning with hairspray, wait ten seconds, then tease the backside of the hair with a fine-tooth comb.

7. Keri Hilson’s Dressed-Up Pixie

WHAT IT IS An overgrown pixie with a slightly curled-up sweep of bangs.
TAKE-HOME TIP Short hairstyles look best when they’re super-straight. (Curly ones tend to look dowdy.) A few turns of the curling iron is a great way to add texture without adding pouf.

8. Charlize Theron’s Sleek, Simple Updo

WHAT IT IS A low bun that’s parted on the side with crisp, cheekbone-length layers in front.
TAKE-HOME TIP A smoothing cream or silicone serum will help keep a style like this precise. “Just be sure to use a light hand. When they say a drop, they mean it!” says Charlize Theron’s hairstylist, Enzo Angileri, who created this look.

9. Keri Russell’s Accessorized Bun

WHAT IT IS A chunky side bun finished with a gauzy flower.
TAKE-HOME TIP It may feel awkward, but as you gather your hair at your nape, allow a bit to slip down over your ear. It helps the style look dressy, not gym-ready.

10. Malin Akerman’s Edgy Ponytail

WHAT IT IS Yes, this is a ponytail! But what makes it so special isn’t what’s going on in back—it’s the front we really love. The thick swoop of bangs and gently waved, asymmetrical layers are striking without being over-the-top.
TAKE-HOME TIP Give front layers a bit of shape by twisting them around a curling iron. Curve away from your face—not towards it—to avoid too-perfect ringlets.